Here are our SCOC trainers and their dogs (left to right):

Barbara with Maurice, Carol with Jambo, Angie with Storm, Jenny with a pup and Pete with Taz

Hello, my name is Jenny.

I am the founder of the Somerset Canine Obedience Club. I started the club as I wanted to show a kinder way to train dogs.

I have had dealings with dogs since a child, but got more involved when competing in obedience competitions. I then started to do agility along with flyball.

I am now judging and competing in the show world with Papillions, which I also breed. 

I am an APDT member and have attended many lectures and training sessions with world-renowned dog trainers and behaviourists.

Jenny Casey

Hi my name is Angie and I have been a trainer for the club and as with all the other trainers do so on a voluntary basis.

I have had dogs just about all my life, and competed in obedience and agility competitions. 

I have at present a black Labrador called Storm who I am competing in Working Trials with.  This is police dog training for civilian dogs.  It involves tracking, searching control and agility and has been compared to three day eventing but for dogs. It requires both you and especially your dog to be very fit as the agility section requires the dog to scale a 6 foot jump, a 3 foot clear jump and a 9 foot long jump as well as heelwork, tracking and searching. In the higher stakes it also involves searching and catching "criminals". 

I have attended Harper Adams University College in Shropshire and obtained a Pet Dog Trainer Qualification.    

Angela Field  

Hi, my name is Carol.  

I have been a trainer with SCOC on and off for over 12 years now.

I have qualifications in Canine Studies, and Behaviour and Psychology.  My qualifications also give me letters after my name (MIACE) which stand for (Member Institute Animal Care Education).

I had a great time with my Jack-Russel cross (Deifor) doing flyball, agility, and the Good Citizens Awards, reaching and passing the gold with him.

I now have a young Leonberger, (Jambo) who I acquired at 12 weeks. I am training him at club. He is a lovely dog and a joy to own. We go to different places, and meet new things along the way.

I will eventually do the Good Citizens Awards (bronze, silver, and gold) as well as competing in local obedience shows.

Carol Matthews          

Jan and John

Jan is a trainer for Somerset Canine Obedience Club, following the 'KC Good Citizens' course. She is also a qualified Kennel Club assessor for the scheme.

She is an 'A3' list judge. She has judged all over the UK, including a breed club show and also in Spain.

My name is Pete

I am an obedience trainer with SCOC but I specialise in agility training.  I compete in agility shows all over the country with my dog Taz. We have been very successful in the competitions winning lots of rosettes and being placed many times. 

 Pete Vellacott